03 August 2013

red & white

hi there,

the 1st of august is the national holiday of switzerland and i absolutely love to go see the fireworks. we'd sit on the shore of the lake biel/bienne and would watch the fireworks which they fire up from a boat in the middle of the lake. it almost feels like the 4th of july i spent in california ;) although the swiss won't get all that excited and decorative which is too bad. i'd love to see some red/white cupcakes, napkins, nails etcetera but as previous years there only were flags outside the houses and some red&white lanthern. 

in conparison with the 4th of july fireworks in california the one i watched in switzerland was way bigger and longer (about 20 minuntes!!)and even goes with music. here's a little peek:

Happy 722nd Birthday Switzerland!

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