18 Mai 2013

life changing


i can't tell you how happy i was when ally called me at the office to inform me about the good news! after almost 2 month and about 12 apartments we finally found and got this one.
when i heard of it i was feeling like jumping up and down and screaming "yaaayyyy" all day. my mom wasn't that happy though. i mean, she is happy for me and ally but i'm also the last one's moving out.. i don't really realize that this going to change my whole life. and by "whole life" i mean i'm not going to brush my teeth in the same bathroom, i'm not going to work by car anymore (omg what will happen with the "on the road" pics? i haven't even thought of that before!!), i'm going to pay rent and i am going to miss my little fellows!!

i can't wait for june 1rst even though my stomach gets all weird and funny by the thought of dragging all my stuff up to the 4th floor (no escalator)... ;)

stay tuned for some cool posts about my new apartment and life! it's going to be craaaaazy!


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