06 Oktober 2012

Taking A Break

Instead of just not posting anything, I decided to explain to you WHY I’m not posting anything. Well, my life is a mess at this time. Since I’ve been 14 years old my biggest dream was to go America and life there for a while. Now I’ve already spent 6 month in California and even though I clearly miss some things from home (eg. my family, friends, puppy, normal toilet paper, my washing machine, my closet, some kinds of food ect.) I’m totally in love with this state, the people, the weather, the opportunities and the whole experience.

I’ve been doing a preparation course for the Cambridge exam for 2 weeks now and I have still 10 to go. It’s pretty stressful and I feel like I’m doing nothing but studying. Actually that’s not true. I’m thinking a lot about my future. I’d quit my job before I came here and I thought I would know what I want to do after my stay. Unfortunately I have not a plan what to do with my life!
I’m a person who likes plans. I like to plan my day (not every step but eg. what have to be done until the end of the day), I like to plan my vacation (what I want to see, where I can find it, what else could be interesting), I like to have a plan for my life. That doesn’t mean that I can’t be spontaneous (remember the tattoo on my left ring finger?;)) but it means that I’m organized – and I like that quality. 

Since my life is whether organized than planned, I need some more time to figure out what I want to achieve; what I aim for. I don’t even know what I really want to represent with my blog – obviously me but who is me? What am I interested in? What do I want to share with you guys? 

Maybe the better question is: What do you want to see from me?

What I actually wanted to say is that I’m taking a break from this blog – from NissyBunique. But I’m going to be back and then I’ll know who I am, what I want and I’m pretty sure that you’re going to enjoy it ;)
In between, I have another blog, where I’m sharing my travel experience with my family and friends. Maybe you like it, so check it out here: 

It’s much more personal…

PS: I’ll keep tweeting, posting pics on Instagram, Pinterest ect. so stay in the loop ;)

We'll see what 2013 brings...so don't forget me ;)

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