15 Juli 2012

Lomography - Diana Mini Gold Edition

Look what I ordered!!! Absolutely amazing, right?! =) I would call it a early birthday present to myself (my birthday is in August, though ;))

I can't wait to show my friends (and maybe you, don't know how the scan qualitly is) California through the lense of this little baby =) 

Someone with lomography experience who gives me some free tips/advices? ;)


ordered via Lomography.com
PS: my dad asked me what's wrong with me, "just about 8 years ago we had to send in a film to get the photos and now, when we have the opportunity to take thousands of pictures; look at them on the computer; delete or edit them; then maybe print them; you bought one with a film again?! - haha I don't get you"  
Hihi, I love my dad =)

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  1. ach sie ist wirklich ganz toll! es dauert bisschen bis man halbwegs gute fotos damit schießt, aber es ist wie bei einer freundschadt: man muss sich erst kennenlernen!


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