03 Juni 2016

be aware and share

This is my personal blog. it's about my travel journeys, fashion, lifestyle and because it's personal I can post about whatever means something to me. This specific post is very special and important to me – it’s about humanity.

In this post I already told you that I want to “do more” and I meant it. I know I’m travelling a lot, spending money on thing I don’t need and I guess that normal, at least in our society. This does not mean that I am a bad human or I don’t care, I do care and that why I am writing this post. This post is for all the people, having to leave their home, their family & pets, their lives. This to tell you that I CARE!

Yesterday, I attended a screening about a documentary telling the story of an association called “be aware and share”. The film was well made, interesting and very touching. I knew from my friend how poorly the refugees are dressed and how hungry they are after a day long journey but seeing those people - human beings just like you and me, mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, lovers, friends, children - on this screen made my heart ache. It made me wanting to do more. But then, this post isn’t about me. This post is about lives, lives that are no more THEIR lives. They are walking for hours, getting on a boat that might not reach land and they hope for better lives with no guns and terror. But when they reach Greece, Croatia or any other country in Europe, they are treated like a disease. No one wants them to stay and here it a fact for you, who don’t want them in YOUR country, they don’t want to stay either. They would much rather be at home where they had a house, a job, a life! They don’t want to come to our countries, owning nothing, being treated like a sh.., they HAVE to flee.

“Be aware and share” is a swiss association who helps to make the refugee’s journey as human as possible. They are young people, living the same life like you and I, working hard, travelling, watching TV and owning stuff they don’t actually need. But instead of just ignoring the fact, that there are people out there who lost it all, they organize charity events, collecting clothes and blankets, they put time and effort into creating social media accounts to reach other people - other human beings - to raise awareness, to collect donations. They make their way to the borders packed with all the donations and they help. They actually help!

And so can you. You don’t have to spend money; you can donate some of your clothes you’re never wearing anyways. You can donate your time, help them to organize clothes, putting them in boxes and label them; you can join their Facebook and share it with your friends; you can be open-minded and respectful to the people who cross your way. You can actually help a lot too. Check out www.baas-schweiz.ch and if you are not sure yet, go watch the documentary!

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