14 März 2016

The B O M B (E R)

They are coming. They are coming fast.
Bomber jackets are all over social media and the online shopping sites. They look chic, cool and very "I'm a cool kid", if you know what I mean. I like my clothes not only stylish but also comfy. Don't they look comfy to you? Well they do to me. Especially the velvet looking one (5) seems extra cozy. The great thing about bombers is that they are light weighted but still quite wind resistant which is a huge plus if you experience spring in Switzerland or Middle Europe. AND they also come in longline which is great for people like me with a longer upper body.

I acutally was looking for a floral one for the extra spring-yness but I couldn't find one. Hit me up, if you stumble upon one, ok?

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