30 Oktober 2015

Sevilla // Cathedral, Triana

I just got back from Seville, Spain yesterday evening but I couldn't wait any day longer to share my impressions with you. I have never been on vacation all by myself before but as none of my friends got some day off of work I decided that it couldn't be that bad to spend some "me time" in a city I have never visited before. And guys, I gotta tell you, it was just amazing! I totally enjoyed doing all the things I wanted and having a bite when I felt like it. Don't get me wrong, I L-O-V-E travelling with my family and friends but this was a whole new experience and I now can officially say that I'm good with it. I am able to travel by myself. And I even enjoyed it. 

With no further ado..get ready for a s*** load of photos and some back ground infos.

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Cathedral & Plaza Nueva
My airbnb was aroound the corner of the Seville Cathedral. It's the largest gothic cathedral and the thrid largest church in the world! It is also listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1987. The cathedral is located in the city center and a great point of orientation. There are lots of caffees and tapas bars all around the impressive building. Also, if you fancy a coach tour this is the place for it.

Plaza Nueva

Paseo Alcalde Marqués del Contradero & Triana
Strolling along the Canal de Alfonso (Rio Guadalquivir) was one of my favorite things on the warmer days. You've got a spectacular view of Triana, the suburb of Seville. Crossing the Puente de Isabel and you're in Triana already. In Triana you'll find lots of great places to eat tapas and churro con chocolate. I also recommend getting lost in the narrow streets and just taking in the view of the super cute buildings.

Torre del Oro

 Next: Metropol Parasol, María Luisa Park, Plaza de España

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