11 März 2014

i am

 “You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~Buddha

truth be told, i don't think i'm a good blogger. i'm kinda lazy and i don't really have enough ideas to publish a post a day - okay okay you got me, not even for every other day. but i don't aspire a carrier, not even close. i'm just a girl who likes to share her thoughts and maybe - along the way - inspire or entertain others.

i'm total avarage. i'm neither skinny nor fat. i'm no jawdropper. i'm not outstanding. i'm not at all extraordinary! BUT i am a lot of other things which i think are pretty awesome. honestly, I AM awesome - in my very own way. i like to call it "nissyness"

i am:
caring - i would do anything for my family and friends
friendly - i approach strangers with a smile
brave - i threw this huge black long-legged spider out of my bedroom window myself. oh and i change the tires of my car. but that another quality..

independent - that's the word i was looking for previously. however, everyone needs someone. i may don't need one to help me with my car or to put an ikea shelve together but sometimes you just want to be a girl, sitting on the porch, watching him chopping wood. you know what i mean ;)
passionate - in everything i do, even cleaning my apartment!
considerate - i look out for others and their feelings. my brother keeps telling me i'm like a mum.
emotional - i cry crocodil tears whether i'm happy or sadin fact, i have to hold back the tears while looking at this photograph i took on a beach in california simply because there are so many beautiful things i've got to experience during my stay. i'm feeling so blessed.

adventorous - i spent 9 month in california and ever since i get this funny feeling inside when thinking of travelling. i can' wait to see what else the world has to offer..

enthusiastic - i'm getting excited for the little things. seriousely, the guy who invented tooth paste is a genius! i even use it to clean my toe nails before the diy mani! it makes them smooth, clean and most of all, they won't stain. i can go without nail polish and people would ask me if i "french nailed" my toes xD
frank - i say what i think. not always in the nicest but in the most honest and well-intended way

and last but not least:

i am proud of who i am

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