12 Oktober 2013

Book Review: Revenge Wears Prada

as i told you in the previous post i'm doing some serious reading here - just kidding. last thing i read was "revenge wears prada: the devil returns" by lauren weisberger and i gotta say: i am kinda disappointed. i really likes the first book but no so much the second. no doubt, it's always hard to live up to the earlier success, but since i've seen lots of recommendations on other blogs and websites my expections were high. but let's get to the story line:

andy and emily coincidentally meet at cooking classes, where they get to know that for one thing they share the same passionate contempt for miranda priesly and for another thing they both pretty suck at cooking. later on they found their own wedding magazine "the plunge" which readership grows day by day. emily's already married by then, but andy's big day is still to happen. you don't have to wait long for that event and by the time of the wedding day andy discovers a letter written by her mother-in-law, which of course doesn't approve of her precious son marring a woman like andy. during the whole story, andy doesn't seem confindent about the whole marrage thing with her now husband and even as a soon-to-be-mother she isn't quit happy with the outcome of her live. lauren weisberger discribes andy's life in about 200 pages - which actually is half the book - and miranda trying (and succeeding) to distroy "the plunge" and with that the achivement of emily and andy in another 200. overall you know andy's pregnant from page 62 but it's revealed only at page 124, you know miranda is going to ruin the magazine, you know andy's husband and emily are going to betray andy, you know andy will end up with her real prince a long time before lauren weisberger puts it down in words. you'd may call it predictable, i call it boring. 

but to be fair, i really loved "everyone worth knowing" also by lauren. that's why i'd rather recommend that one instead of the revenge.

let's see what "the best of me" by nicholas sparks is like. his books are usually making me cry like a baby. i truly am a hopeless romantic.

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