04 Juni 2012

Glossybox CH

Hi friends,

every month I have to look at those great pictures about what's in the Glossybox on several blogs from Germany and Austria. I really can't wait for the release in Switzerland (as always, Switzerland is a few steps behind the rest of the world ;)). "Unfortunately", I'm in California these days, so I have to wait until January 2013 to sign in for this cool idea. 
I really like all kinds of beauty stuff and I think the whole Glossybox project is a great idea. You can test the products you receive every month for little money (check out the 'How It Works' graphic below). Swiss people, check out Glossybox CH and sign in to get informed via e-mail when Glossybox starts (click on the picture below) and like Glossybox on Facebook.

via Glossybox UK

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