21 März 2012

Insta Week (12)

Sorry for no posting but I'm currently very busy. Tomorrow, I have my last day at work and I have to do tons of things. HELP! Also, I'm already planning a saying-goodbye party for my loved ones. There are also lots of lunchs with friends I'm invited. You'd think I'll never come back but I'm in California only for nine months ;)

But I promise improvement and will post more at the end of April. But then, you hopefully see pictures of palm trees, sea, and a very happy me =)

Til then...here are some Instagram pictures from last and this week.

1) My pastel earrings! I wear them almost every day =) || 2) My boss gave me 50$ for my stay in Cali || 3) A really lovely comment from Madeleine of dariadaria. She made my day!
4) A beautiful morning, off to work || 5) Kony 2012. Watch the video here || 6) Spring is really here! 65F how cool!
7) The pup is having fun while we take a walk with him. What a pig! || 8) My friend's dog Diva. She's so cute! || 9) The pup and his girlfriend are taking a bad on a sunny day!


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