02 August 2011

Favorite Of The Month: July 2011

Hi lovies! I like to present you my Favorite Of The Month! I really read a lots of different blogs but Bikinis and Passports is definitely one of my favorite! Vicky Heiler comes from Austria but used to live in California for 5 years. I love the posts about her stays there and her style is so pretty! I'm really a big fan of hers! She is naturally and someone you like to go with for a shopping tour!

If you want to know more about Vicky visit Bikinis and Passports!

XOXO Nissy

Images via Bikinis and Passports


  1. I am completly agreed. it's one of my fav blogs too!!

  2. Hi Silvia!
    Your blog is really nice! I'm following now with bloglovin ;)
    XOXO Nissy


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