16 Dezember 2010

Holiday Gifts 2010

For Your Girlfriend/Sister/Mother

 By Style.com

For Your Dog

Found Dog Leash and HarnessA dog leash is an accessory like any other in your life, so don’t settle for dull. Found's rope lease and shiny waxed cotton canvas harness will do any stylish owner proud (matching it to your shoes, though, remains strictly optional).
$56–$68, visit foundmyanimal.com

By Elle.com

For Your Boyfriend/Brother

Brooks Brothers Boys Intarsia Cardigan
A preppy update on a classic—for the little guy on your list who deserves a varsity letter in style. $80, visit brooksbrothers.com

By Elle.com
Urbanears Headphones
Urbanears' retro-styled headphones have a bold, bouncy look—in 14 colors, no less—that make your iPod earbuds look puny. Better still, they come with a "zound plug" on the cap, allowing a friend to plug in to your tunes and jam along. $60 each, visit moxsie.com

By Elle.com

For Your Grandmother/Grandfather

BananagramsThis hopelessly addictive word game will please the Scrabble or crossword lover on your list—and will also help while away the post-gift-opening hours on Christmas morning. $15, visit target.com
By Elle.com

For your Father

Unfortunatley I haven't a idea... so, any suggestion? What will you give your father?

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