30 März 2012

Getting really excited..

Hi lovies,

I'm really sorry that I didn't post that often lately. But as I already told you a few times, I'll be traveling to California in April. I've already done so many things and I'm really not sure I have everything together that I'll need. Guys, I've never filled in so many forms like these days! There are insurance policies, immigrating regulations, forms for my organization... It's pretty exhausting. But I'm very very happy and pretty nervous! It's already end of March and now I just realize, that I'm going to leave my family, actually my home for nine month! I've never been away for such a long time. But I'm looking forward to California, because I'm waiting for about four years to finally (at least for a short time) live where I always wanted to. California is my biggest dream and now it becomes reality! huge YAY for that =)

Well, there's just one problem left.....what the heck am I packing in my suitcase???!!  Any advices and tips?

I recently find myself rummage in Vicky Heiler's posts about California and dreaming of it.

I'm acutally dreaming right now....

via Bikinis and Passports

21 März 2012

Insta Week (12)

Sorry for no posting but I'm currently very busy. Tomorrow, I have my last day at work and I have to do tons of things. HELP! Also, I'm already planning a saying-goodbye party for my loved ones. There are also lots of lunchs with friends I'm invited. You'd think I'll never come back but I'm in California only for nine months ;)

But I promise improvement and will post more at the end of April. But then, you hopefully see pictures of palm trees, sea, and a very happy me =)

Til then...here are some Instagram pictures from last and this week.

1) My pastel earrings! I wear them almost every day =) || 2) My boss gave me 50$ for my stay in Cali || 3) A really lovely comment from Madeleine of dariadaria. She made my day!
4) A beautiful morning, off to work || 5) Kony 2012. Watch the video here || 6) Spring is really here! 65F how cool!
7) The pup is having fun while we take a walk with him. What a pig! || 8) My friend's dog Diva. She's so cute! || 9) The pup and his girlfriend are taking a bad on a sunny day!

15 März 2012

Pajama Pants Trend

I'm all about these pajama look! The pants are very light and playful. Depending on combination they look chic or casual. These three bloggers chicks know what they are doing. Nicole of Gary Pepper Vintage styled the pants with a sequin jacket (photo 1). She's mashing textures and prints and she looks amazing! Kaitlyn of Modern Legacy combined her pajama pants with a silk MINKPINK top (photo 2 & 4). It looks so casual. She's planning to wear the pants with this beautiful jumper in the cooler month. Betty of Le Blog De Betty prefers the cacual look too. She's wearing the pants with a leather jacket, which looks super cool! I'm absolutely in love with this trend!

Would you wear the pajama pants? Do you like this trend?

Nicole of Gary Pepper Vintage
Kaitlyn of Modern Legacy
Betty of Le Blog De Betty
Kaitlyn of Modern Legacy

12 März 2012

Can't Stay Inside, Spring Is Here!

Today I did a few things for my upcoming stay in California. Only 31 days! Yaaaayyy =)
Because it was such nice weather, of course I couldn't spend the whole day inside the house or in the car. That's why I've grabbed the two dogs and went for a walk with them. They really went crazy outside! They ran across the fields, bathed in ponds and then rolled down a slope together. I really enjoyed to watch the carefree game they played together

I'm really excited about going to California, living there for 9 month...but I'll miss my pups a lot!

08 März 2012

Pastel Bags

As you have seen here, I've already bought a pastel-colored bag. I really love pastel and in 2012, we'll probably meet the color more often. I couldn't resist and check out the online stores. Seek and you shall find. 
Do you like them?  
What do you think about the bag I already bought?

05 März 2012

Favorite Of The Month: February 2012

She has written for Elle NL, was interviewed by several magazines and this chick's got style ;)! Please welcome the Favorite Of The Month: February 2012 Yara Michels. She's blonde, she's beautiful, she's talented and I love her blog This Chick's Got Style. Sure it's about fashion but about much more than that too. Personal. Privat. Just like Yara. Cute!

And a big big PLUS - her crush on cute nail polishes is almost as big as mine ;)

PS: This Chick's Got Style just reached 10'000 followers on Bloglovin. Congratulations!

Images via This Chick's Got Style

Spring In My Closet

On Friday I had a day off. Unfortunately, this always ended up with shopping.  
Well, after lunch I went to H&M. As for the first time I've noticed that not all stores are selling the same clothes. This H&M store had in fact a thousand things that I immediately had to have. Well, at least I've tried almost all ;) I finally bought a pink blazer, a baige blazer, minted pants, jeans, a green belt and a pleated skirtWhen I came out of the store, afternoon was gone. I've just flitted quickly to New Yorker to buy the pastel colored bag that I've seen a few days earlier. Acutally I wanted to stop by at Zara and Vero Moda but I had a date later so I had to hurry up.

What do you think about the snapshots below?

02 März 2012

Style Spy: Erica Lavelanet & David Pena

Erica: Hi-Low Dress, Doris 
Black Leather Jacket, Zara 
Black Tights, Donna Karen 
Black Suede Booties c/o Bebe 
Black Bowler, Uniqlo 
Fur, Thrifted.

Dave: Khaki Arc Leg Pant, Topman 
Flannel, Thrifted
Black Fitted Blazer, H&M 
Leather Bag, Zara 
Black Leather Belt, Calvin Klein.

Erica: Black Oversized Tank, American Apparel
Wheat Knit, Mango: Miami
Leather and Cotton Leggings, H&M
Black Jeffrey Campbell Lita's, Envi Shoes.

Dave: Grey Tweed Blazer, H&M
Khaki's, TopMan
Grey Button Down, Kenneth Cole.

 Erica: Black Sheer Tank Button Down, Forever 21
Black Cropped Sweater, H&M
Black Leather High-Waisted Shorts, Urban Outfitters
Black Tights, Donna Karan
Black Wedge Tie-Up Booties, Urban Outfitters.

Dave: Olive Button-Down, Zara Men ($20)
Grey Wool Blazer, Thrifted 
Black Skinnies,Levi’s ($40)
Knit Hat, A gift 
Leather Booties, Thrifted.

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